Friday, November 30, 2018

Cool Roof Coatings In Hyderabad | Insulla Cool Roof Tiles

How could you face this heat? And how to protect our house with this affecting UV Rays? Protecting our asset without any damage would be a difficult task nowadays. Damages are like dust, or water leakage or sun heating rays where damages the house earlier and results in cracks.
To protect from this heat busting rays in the city like Hyderabad which comes inside the house, where the solution is, we have a reflective ingredients binder which safeguards both Indoor & Outdoor walls called Cool Roof Coatings. An Aerogel Enriched Acrylic-based Cool Roof Coating COOLTON, which is best coated by a professional Insulla, who is proved to excellent in the field for more than eight years in the industry gathering a trust and commitment to work on creative innovations to bring the result over the solution.
How Cool Roof Coatings Work?
  • COOLON™– Roof Insulation Two-Part Coating System acts as an All in One Solution with the excellent property of Crack/Joint Filling, Waterproofing and Thermal Barrier Exterior Protective Coating.
  • Intensively blocking solar heat with the double-barreled effect of reflection and heat insulation
  • Reflecting the intense solar heat. The infrared High Solar reflectivity is over 100% — SRI
  • Reduction of roof heat about 50C to 200C
  • Save over 20–30% of your energy/electricity costs with the Nano Aerogel technology.
  • Tested by NABL Accredited Laboratory
  • Test certified by TUV, Singapore and Conforms to ECBC / LEED / IGBC Roofing standards.

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