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Shell Lime Based Cool Grit Granules:
It helps capture the humidity from the air and helps in cooling process. As the temperature raises these granules release water vapour ensuring the heat is not transferred below. They also absorb harmful green house gases like carbon dioxide, and neutralizes nitrogen oxide in the air which in turn acts like a natural air purifier. This acts like an eco-friendly process.

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Aerogel Composition - Roof Tiles
This composition of aerogel gives incredible. This material has low thermal conductivity and has low refractive index. Aerogels are good material insulators since they nullify two out of three methods of heat transfers i.e convection, conduction and radiation. They are made up of gases which are very poor heat conductors.

Nano Titanium Dioxide - Insulla Cool Roof Tiles
Nano titanium dioxide shows good photo catalytic properties. It helps in degrading bacteria and germs in the air. This in turn helps in the reduction of air pollution. It has anti-skid properties which help in giving better grip and easy maintenance.


1.Insulla tiles WHEN COMPARED WITH EXTRUDED POLYSTYRENE used in weathering course don’t deteriorate when exposed to sun

  •             Doesn’t melt the components of the product

  •             Insulla tiles are non flammable

2.Insulla tiles WHEN COMPARED WITH BRICK BAT COBA used in weathering course don’t give unnecessary load on the building.

  •         Insulla tiles are easily replaceable

  •        Insulla tiles don’t require highly skilled workmanship.

·          3 .     Insulla tiles when compared with brick jelly used in weathering course don’t let the heat transfer through the tile.

  • Insulla roof tiles reduce the use of air conditioners in turn saving the electricity consumption.


  • Extreme temperature difference doesn’t affect our tiles.

·       4.  Insulla tiles when COMPARED WITH PCC used in weathering course don’t affect the strength of the tile.

  •     Is cost effective

  • Doesn’t affect the tensile strength or the compressive strength of the tile. 

·        5.     Insulla tiles WHEN COMPARED WITH LIME CONCRETE used in weathering is not time consuming.

  • Insulla tiles can be used in all types’ roofs when compared with lime concreting.

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CONCLUSION - Insulla Roof Tiles
Hence when compared with all the weathering course materials used, Insulla cool roof tiles has wide range of advantages than them. Our cool roof tiles stands out to be more effective and durable than other materials used in weathering course.  Insulla cool roof tiles provide  superior durability, colorfastness and strength with a long life. They also help reduce the intrusion of external noises, provide protection against radiant heat, have high levels of thermal insulation, and offer more resistance to wind suction than lightweight sheets. If you are planning it on a new building or replacing or restoring an existing roof,  should be considered as an energy efficiency option with better results than other weathering materials used in roofing.


  1. Insulated concrete forms cost around $150 per square foot, which is roughly 2% to 7% more than typical wood-frame construction. Remember that concrete prices fluctuate, and the price of your home is decided by the design, local labour costs, and other factors. When the initial cost of an ICF house is compared to the utility savings over time, industry analysts say it is equivalent to a wood-frame home. However, this, too, is contingent on several factors. Overall, you'll probably end up spending 5% to 10% more on construction costs than you would on a standard wood-frame home.

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