White Roof Tiles in Chennai


INSULLA white roof tiles in Chennai offers a number of advantages. Roofs are the elements of buildings which are widely exposed to high levels of ultra-violet light and solar radiation. Most of the color pigments tend to mellow to varying degrees when subject to this exposure. Further to this, the roof naturally catches the majority of fall-out pollutants and dust from the atmosphere. Because the heat is reflected, attic rooms and other spaces directly beneath the roof remain cooler, so in many cases air conditioning is no longer required. White roofs when used in urban areas are likely to decrease smog levels by decreasing local temperatures, which tend to be higher due to the large proportion of paved surfaces.
Insulla white roof tiles have been providing services in many places in Chennai including, white roof tiles in Vadapalani, white roof tiles in Ashok Nagar, Kodambakkam etc.

One of the most helpful practices to reduce global warming is by installing WHITE ROOFS. Using of INSULLA WHITE ROOFS which have high SRI (Solar Reflective Index) value is capable of reflecting maximum amount of heat from sun. Hence the roof receives minimum amount of heat .So the Thermal Comfort prevails inside the roof which drastically reduces the AC consumption. Therefore the CO2 emission and Energy consumption is reduced. Having 1,000 sq ft area of White Roof creates the same impact to the environment as planting 10 well grown trees. Similarly, 100 sq feet White roof= 1tree. This is based on the fact that a 1,000-sq.ft (93 m2) White Roof will offset 10 tons of CO2 over its 20- year lifetime.
“Hot or Cold Our Tiles Are Ready To Hold”

Solar reflective materials are among the most effective ways to counteract the urban heat island effect. Recently, inorganic materials such as those for roof tiles are being developed to provide solutions more durable under weathering and characterized by easier cleaning processes.

Heat radiation through the roof tiles in chennai
How do Insulla tiles help in reducing the transfer of heat through the roof?
Radiation from the sun can increase the temperature on a flat roof surface very high. The Insulla cool roof tiles used in Chennai transfers the heat via the top layer to the inside resulting in temperatures in the underlying building level increasing to extreme heights.
By installing Insulla cool roof tiles on top of the existing roof, the suns radiation can no longer reach the underlying roof and thus prevents it from warming up. The temperature inside will be reduced which provides a more pleasant and comfortable work environment. Insulla cool roof tiles in Chennai provides a wide range of advantages for a comfortable environment.

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